I Love You


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File: 130, A, 7.5 - I Love You.mp3

Musician: Voice and Piano: David Braverman

Music written by: David Braverman

Lyrics: David Braverman


I Love You



Information Related to this Track: Music and text composed approx. 1989.




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David Braverman's Music Compositions (Works in Progress):

Copyright 1990-2018. David Braverman. (SR and P). All Rights Reserved.


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Scream Rock

1. Trying to Make a Living



2. Love-Hate Smoking

5. Earth Destroyers By Nature

6. Strongly About Nothing

7. Life Ain't All that Bad v.1- voice, guitar, drums



4.Leay v.2 Voice and Guitar


Rock Ballad

3. Leay v.1 Piano and Voice 90-93



9. Life Ain't All that Bad v.3- Yamaha Keyboard- no voice-1998



Strange- Chamber Ensemble with Voice

11. Life Ain't All that Bad v.5- Chamber Ensemble, (Including Voice)


Strange- Chamber Ensemble without Voice

8. Life Ain't All that Bad v.2- Orcehstration Final 12-4-91

12. Life Ain't All that Bad v.6- Chamber Ensemble (Instrumental)


Low key- Voice and tapping.

13. Life aint all that Bad v.7. Voice and tapping. Santa Barbara.


Swing Rock- A love song

16. Julia v.1- vocals plus drums


Drunk Electronic

17. Julia v.2- synth v.1, instrumental

18. Julia v.3- synth v.2, 10-31-91


String Quartet (including effects)

18.5. Julia v.4- roughly 1993


A rough start

19. Tune in 'a minor'


Rough Reggae

20. Reggae Tune


Synthesizer Slick

21. Ocean Rap- 10-94



22. Synth-Slop-Chaos 95-96


Synthesizer- Asian Orchestral Beat

23. Asian-Orchestral-Beat- 95-96


Piano. Introspective.

24. Where is God? v.1- Piano- 2001


Thematic Synthesizer

25. Where is God? v.2- yamaha keyboard-95-96

27. Oct. 94, Where is God? v.3- yamaha keyboard, V.2.



26. Yamaha Keyboard Groove, Oct. 94.


Complex Music- Real Performers

28. Corkscrew Quintet v.1- Brass Quintet-2001


Complicated Clarinet- Human Performer

30. Connor- Clarinet v.1- Matt Hartzall



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